Mechanisms of chemo-resistance in pediatric sarcomas

Pathologisches Institut, Max-Eder Nachwuchsgruppe für Pädiatrische Sarkombiologie (AG Grünewald)


The Max-Eder Research Group for Pediatric Sarcoma Biology (AG Grünewald) at the Institute of Pathology of the LMU Munich is offering an MD thesis position (Dr. med.) for a highly ambitious project on the characterization of the mechanism underlying drug resistance of pediatric sarcomas. The project will involve cell culture-based assays with human cancer cell lines, xenograft in vivo experiments as well as histological and statistical analyses.
The applicant should be highly motivated, team-oriented and to be in his/her 1st clinical semester, that is shortly after completion of the first medical state exam (“Physikum”). The applicant should be fluent in English, have passed the 1st medical state exam with excellent results and be willing to spend continuously at least 18-24 months in the laboratory (including a so-called "Freisemester").
The successful candidate will receive a comprehensive scientific and methodologic training in cancer biology, participate in national and international scientific conferences, and in case of positive results be author of independent scientific publications.

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Please send your CV including a 1-page letter of motivation in form of a combined pdf document via email to [email protected]


Freisemester erwünscht Freisemester erwünscht
Geschätzte Dauer: 24 Monate


Strong support in application for doctoral scholarships such as from the German Cancer Aid, the Kind-Philipp-Stiftung, and the Deutsche Stiftung für Junge Erwachsene mit Krebs.


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