“You don’t need nucleic DNA to be clever” - A project which aims to examine Molecular Mechanisms of Thrombocytes in Endocarditis


- A position as a doctoral candidate of Medicine is available in the group of Prof. Dr. Steffen Massberg at the Walter Brendel Center for Experimental Medicine, Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich

-Platelets are well known for their important role in hamostasis. But these anucleic blood cells gained in the last years more and more attention for their role in immune response. Platelets are interacting with bacterias in serious cardiovascular infections such as endocardtitis. This project aims to examine the underlying molecular mechanisms of platelets in acute infective endocarditis.

-Tequniques required: in vitro as well as in vivo approaches including immunostaining,
multiphoton laser scanning intravital microscopy, in vitro flow chamber assays and FACS .

- Techniques required for the project will be taught on site.

- The student will join a dedicated team of Physicans , Veterinarians and Biologists focusing on fundamental research of Cardiology /Immunology with a lot of social events (Oktoberfest, Wandertag, Christmas-Party)

-Application with your full CV
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-Please contact us for any further questions
(Tel.: 089-2180-76581)
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The project is funded for a year by a scholarship (SFB 914-Leukocyte trafficking )