Clinical application of TMS for depression - comparison of currently available protocols

Klinik für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie, MR-informed neurostimulation (The MiNK lab)


The aim of this project is to compare currently available and widely applied protocols for treatment of depression using TMS (10 Hz rTMS, TBS, navigated rTMS) in terms of their safety/tolerability and efficacy in a naturalistic population of patients suffering from depression.

Specifically, the research project will consist of:
- retrospecitve analysis of the sample of depressive patients treated at our Psychiatry Department by TMS
- collection of a prospective sample of patients treated with different TMS protocols
- the prospective patient sample will include baseline and post-intervention magnetic resonance imaging assessment to collect further predictors of clinical response

This large project can/will be subdivided into smaller projects among several medical students and allows for a rather flexible work load distribution.

The students should
- be interested and willing to learn and apply noninvasive brain stimulation as well as neuroimaging
- be willing to learn basic statistical methodology and gain insights into scientific literature
- work independently and reliably
- treat out patients with professionalism and great care

In return, the student will benefit from
- a research project with direct clinical application and insights into psychiatric care
- flexible research Timing
- a motivated supervisor


Geschätzte Dauer: 6 Monate




If you are interested, please send me a CV and a letter of motivation (describing your interest in the topic and in research in general, as well as giving a short outlook of your "Doktorarbeitsplan" and the timing of your research period, in German or English)